Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Letter to Mom On Her Birthday

Dear Mommy:
Happy Birthday in heaven. You would have been 89 years old today here on earth.

I miss you every day, but I feel you with me at all times.  I know for a fact that you are looking at us from above, and always guiding me and Rudy.

I know that you were with my brother the whole month he was in the hospital fighting this terrible virus that is killing so many people in the world. We are praying for all those families that have lost loved ones.

I was scared and I felt helpless because we couldn't see him.
My only comfort was that I knew you were there guarding him.  I know he was your favorite. LOL
Today we are so grateful that he is home recovering.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My 11th Year Cancerversary

Dr. Jason D. Wright, MD and Me
Here we are!!! My GYN Oncologist, Dr. Jason Wright, MD,  and me posing for our annual picture.  This year is our 11th year doing it.  He is such a ham.  He says to me -- "I love taking this picture with you every January on your annual check-up day, so you can post it on our cancer anniversary- Cinco de Mayo."

Continue reading at --> A New Camino - A Latina's Journey Back from Cervical Cancer.

Thank You!
Much Health and Light,

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sixty By Sixty

 Hello Everyone. Here I am again!! I have been quiet and MIA from here, but make NO mistake I have been working hard on self care, and connecting my mind, body and spirit.

I want to thank you for the enormous feed back and positive comments on my last post regarding my second weight loss journey.  If you did not catch it - you can do so here -->  "My Big Confession."

So let me bring you up to date.  Well, before I do that let me just go back a little bit.  Seven years ago today September 12th, I had lost 113 pounds.  This reversed all my illnesses (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) for which I used to take up to five different medications.
I became the Healthy Girl.

Monday, May 6, 2019

A Decade - 10 Year Cancerversary

My GYN-Onclogist, Dr. Jason D. Wright and me.

It has been a decade since I was declared Cancer FREE.  What a blessing - I give thanks to the creator of all things.  I am grateful to be here and I am grateful for these past 10 years.

I want to thank so many people - the list is so long, but you know who you are. You all play a role in taking me to where I stand now - small role or big role - it doesn't matter, I am grateful for you all.  Thank you for the bottom of my heart.  

Please continue to read my post posted on Cervivor.

With all my love,