A Cruise ~Will I Pass the Test?

NCL "Star"
So here we go, after four long years!!! We are taking our first official vacation since I got sick. I'm so excited!!!

It was our plan that after my husband and I retired, we were going to be traveling, but God/Universe had other plans for us.

Getting diagnosed with cervical cancer was NOT in our plans.  Then again, it is not in anyone's plan to get any kind of cancer.

After going through the cancer battle, we were left numb and then I had to deal with my obesity that led to my new diagnosis of diabetes type 2.  I won that battle too, even thought it is still a daily struggle-- I am a food addict!!!.

My husband loves to cruise, so we decided that it was long overdue.  In a couple of days we will be departing in the deep waters on our trip to beautiful Bermuda.  To those who had taken cruises before, you know that FOOD is one of the main attractions on the ship.  There is food of every kind at any time, at any place.  Will this be a test for me?

Will I know the right choice???
I must admit, I am a little concern.  The temptations will be all over, but I have to adapt to the situation and be cognizant of my choices.  It is amazing how my mind set is so different these days.  While in years past I would have been more concerned about the different restaurants on the ship.  This time my priority was to find out what deck the gym was on. LOL

I have shared my concerns with my #FoodPolice and #KillerKetsy (my consultant and trainer respectably), but they feel confident that I will be OK. Planning is a big key.  I feel  like it is putting a kid inside a candy store.  He would want one of each.  Will I know when to STOP?? Will I make the right choices???

I have to trust myself.  I have to relax and rely on what I have learned throughout this journey.  It cannot take my entire being.  I'm taking this cruise to enjoy it.

#KillerKetsy, my trainer, says: "You Know what to do -So Do it and get it over with!!!" -- and the #FoodPolice says "It is not like the food is outside your cabin, you have to go search for it~ So Don't, when you don't have to".

As a food addict, a relapse will always be in back of my mind, but I've tested myself before and passed, so this is just a bigger test and I am ready for the challenge.  Most importantly, I am ready to have a great time.

"Your choice determines the consequences.  Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices". ~ Alfred A. Montapert

Freddie and I on our last cruise in 2005

Bon Voyage!!!


  1. Go and have fun....this is a well-deserved vacation. You know your journey and what it took to arrive at your destination. So I am confident that you'll be fine. Enjoy time together. God bless u both.

  2. Thank you so much Rosie. I plan to enjoy this trip. It has been way over due. I feel more than confident that I will be OK. Thank you for always re-charging my motivation. God Bless....