A Journey With Gastric Bypass Surgery

An Interview with friend Jeannette Sena 

Before                    After
Weight loss surgeries are viewed by many as an "easy way" out to lose weight. It is NOT  an "easy way" out. It is an option that you have to explore and evaluate to see if this is the right decision for you.

Some of these surgeries are considered major surgeries with risks factors, and with pros and cons.  Statistics reported show that 1 out 200 people die from gastric bypass surgery complications.

I interviewed one of my friends that was willing to share her journey with one of these surgeries.

Jeannette was more than happy to share her story.  She states, "Ever since I got the surgery I want to motivate people, to either get the surgery if that's the right decision for them or lose weight on their own. Losing weight has change my life forever."

The following is Jeannette's Interview:
QWhen did you have your surgery and how old were you?
A.  The surgery was on January 9th, 2012 (a year ago) and I was 31 years old.

QWhat was your before/current weight:
A.  Before the surgery I was 235 pound and my current weight is 138 pounds.  I have lost a total of 97 pounds.

Q.  What kind of surgery did you have?
A.  I had the most traditional one - Roux-en-Y Bypass Surgery.   

Q.  What led you to the decision that this surgery was the right option for you?
A.  I had tried many times to lose weight.   Whenever I was like in the second month of any weight loss regimen, I would give up since I felt that the weight loss was not significant. The weight was impacting my life, not just physically, but mentally as well. 

QWhat per-requisites are required to have this surgery? 
A.  You have to be morbidly obese (over 100 pounds overweight).  Prior to surgery I had to attend numerous workshops as well as weight loss programs.  
I had to take vitamins for two months before the surgery since your food intake will be minimal, and not enough nutrients will be supplied to the body.
The whole process leading up to the surgery took 10 months from my first appointment.  I had to get approval from my primary physician and a psychologist.
A psychologist? Yes, I had to be mentally fit to get the surgery.

Q.  Can you take us to the day of the surgery, and tell us how did you feel?
A.  I felt anxious, since the surgery had been cancelled the month before. I was not nervous about the surgery at all.  I was more excited to see how my life was going to change.

Q.  What side effects, if any, do you deal with today?
A.  Probably the most embarrassing one is being very gassy. They come out of no where. The other side effect that I deal with is that if I eat anything too sugary, I get what you call dumping syndrome.  I get very dizzy and I have to go to the restroom right away.  When this happens and since the amount of food I consume is minimal, I have even fainted at times. 

Q.  If you had the option again, would you have the surgery?
A.  In a heart beat.  I believe it was the right decision and option for ME.

Q.  Do you still struggle with food today?
A.  I still do at times.  I did not realize how much attachment I had to food.  Food was my best friend.  So it is a struggle to literally break up with my best friend. 

I had to accept the fact that it was a toxic relationship. Now, every time I throw up, I remember that we have a different relationship, and that food no longer makes me happy but sick instead.

One of my sisters gave me an article titled "Skinny Stomach Fat Brain," about a gentleman with gastric bypass surgery which narrowed down exactly all the emotions that I went through after my surgery. The article was very helpful for me.

Q.  How are you doing today, and what would you say to those people contemplating this option to lose weight?  
A.  I'm doing great today!! Loving myself more and more each day.  My outside is finally matching my inside.  If you are contemplating this kind of surgery I would say Go for it!! as long as you evaluate that this is the right option for you.  Personally, it was the best decision that I have made in my life.  It has changed my life forever.

Jeannette wants to thank her entire family for all their support and love. Her beautiful sisters, her awesome parents, her handsome son and her supportive boyfriend.  They all stood by her side through her struggle with weight and her journey with this surgery.  Their support and love have meant the world to her.  She extends a special thanks to her mom whose unconditional love have been more than she can ever imagine.  


Jeannette Sena is a 32 year old single mom.  She has great son.  She works full time as well as attends college part-time.  She is the second oldest of four girls, whom are all in great shape.
Her relationship with food has changed. She is learning to cope with her emotions without turning to food.
She is learning to eat healthier so she won't go back to old habits and become over weight again. She claims that she would not change her journey for the world.

Editor's Note: I want to thank Jeannette from the bottom of my heart for this candid interview. I can relate to her feelings on losing weight, and I wish her all the very best.  I personally have the privilege to  know some of the Sena family, and they are awesome people. Jeannette is a beautiful woman inside and out - I am very happy that her inner life and outer life are finally in harmony.  All my love,




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