My February 5K

 It's FREEZING! but ready to GO!
As you know, one of my goals is to run at least one 5K a month for the year 2013. My February 5K was on 2/2/13 - The NYCRUNS Riverside Park Hot Chocolate 5K at Riverside Park in Manhattan, NY.

I must confess that this race was even more challenging than my January one. Two things factored in:
1. It was colder - It was 11 degrees with the wind chill factor, ran next to the Hudson River, and it was very windy.
2. Lots of hills (4 to be exact)

As a newbie runner, I am learning a lot.  I was amaze at he fact that the weather, hills, and many more things can affect your run and your pace.

Nevertheless, I STAND PROUD.  Just got the OFFICIAL results from the NYCRUNS.  Here is its:
My official Finish Time: 31:27--- 10:09 pace/m

Placing me 125/289 runners, 57/161 females, #4 overall in my age group, and #1 female in my age group.  Yes!! you read it correctly No.1 female in my age group. Yaah!!! for me.

Race Official Results
As I got to the site,  I saw a sea of runners, about 500 of them. A little intimidating I must say. Some of them were doing the 10K run, but we all started at the same time.  You can tell that some of these runners have been running for a long time. Making them a PRO in my book.

The winner of the 5K was a 48 year old man, and he ran it in 18:04.  I think that is an insane time, but he did it. Not to say that 48 is old--by no means,-- but it shows that no matter how old you are, you can do whatever you set your mind to do. 

This race I dedicate it to Ketsy Santiago, my teacher, my trainer, my friend, a mentor. An icon in my new life.

I couldn't have chosen a better one to dedicate to her because it was challenging--and it's what she says to me all the time- "Challenge Yourself - You can do it."--  And I sure did Ketsy!!!!!

I did it!!!!
I will be doing two virtual 5K's in February:
February 14 - I Heart Running - Dedicated to Freddie Casa, my hubby.
February 17 - I Run with Heart - Dedicated to Rudy Murillo, my brother.

I am dedicating all my runs to someone or a cause, in no particular order-- This will make these runs more meaningful to me.  You can see the dedication wall HERE.

If you want to see a schedule of my runs--  Just click HERE

"Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve.  Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment". ~ Thomas Carlyle

Having a Hot Chocolate after finishing the Hot Chocolate 5k



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    1. Thank you so much Heather!! I was very challenging for me, but I stand PROUD. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment. :)

  2. Alright now I have no excuses. My first 5K of the year is next week and the weather is not that great yet, but at least we should not need to wear gloves. Time to get pumped!

    1. Wooohooo!!! Good Luck on your first 5K Tammy. You will do great. Remember to pace yourself and focus. The goal is to finish. It is very exciting when you cross the finish line. Enjoy it!!! You will have better weather than I did for this particular race. It is a little challenging to run in 11 degree weather. LOL Keep me posted - I would love to know how you did. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. xoxo Patti