A Success Story - Meet Gwyn E.

Name: Gwyn E.
Age:  33
Height:  5'51/2"
Before Weight:  293
Current Weight:  193

How did you gain your weight?  Gained from eating fast food every meal and no exercise.  Sweets at gas station at every stop.

What made you change your lifestyle?  I had high blood pressure and was breathing heavy.  I didn't like myself.

How did you lose your weight?  I joined Weight Watchers and Zip Fitness.  I blogged my journey at pixiehealth.WordPress.com -- that helped me stayed motivated.

What was the hardest obstacle in your weight loss journey?  Hardest obstacle was dealing with other people's opinion of what is best for me.  For example: Don't eat that or don't get too skinny.

Any advise you would like to offer to people that are starting this journey?  Surround yourself with like minded people so you can have support.  Have variety in your meals so you don't get bored.  You owe it to your own self.

Do you have a FB fan page and/or Blog?
Blog:  Gwynspiration Weight Loss  www.chicagonow.com/gwynspiration-weight-loss
FB:  Gwynspiration for Weight Loss www.facebook.com/gwynspiration


Editor's Note:  Congratulations to Gwyn for achieving such an amazing milestone. I want to thank her for sharing her story and for inspiring us all.  You have shown determination, consistency, patience and focus.  Wishing you all the very best, and many years of health.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring a story about me. I really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you Gwyn for inspiring us ALL with your story. I wish you much success. You look great and your happiness is so visible. I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

  2. Gwyn is an inspiration to many people! She has battled through so many difficult situation in her life but keeps caring for herself. I admire her so much!

    1. I agree!! She is an inspiration to many. She has shown determination, commitment, patience, consistency and focus. That's admirable!!!

    2. that is so touching. thanks sassymama66. I appreciate it. I thought about writing my own book about my life. I just don't know where I would find the time.

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