Success Strory - Meet Beth F.

Name: Beth F.
Age:  47
Height: 5'4"
Before Weight:  420
Current Weight:  294

How did you gain your weight?  Have been overweight my whole life, never really paid attention to what I ate and never worked out.  Honestly never thought my health was an issue.

What made you change your lifestyle?   The year I went to Wisconsin Dells with my family, and my kids begged me to get on a ride with them.  I said "Okay" even though in my head I was thinking "there is no way I am going to fit on that ride."  So you know what happened.  I got up to the front of the line, and of course there was a weight limit, and I couldn't get on.  I told my kids to go ahead, get on the ride and don't feel bad.

That's when my son said to me, "Mom, if you don't lose weight you are going to DIE."  I sat on some benches and started to cry.  It was the second time in my life that I just fell apart.  The first time was when I lost my 3 month old baby boy to SIDS.

I am a mom of three kids and being involved in their lives as I wanted just wasn't happening for me.  One day, I saw a Turbo Jam infomercial on TV and I said to my kids, "I wonder if I can do that?"  My son said, "Mom if you get the program I'll do the 90 days with you."  That Monday at work, I checked out my WOW Account and found I had some money available, so I ordered it.  Ten days later, with a calendar on the fridge for inspiration, my son and I started working out. To get a "Before and After" I actually had to go to the doctor to get weighed because I was over the weight limit for my home scale.  I was over 400 pounds.  After 90 days, I lost about 50 pounds.

How did you lose your weight?  I have lost my weight drinking Shakecology every day and working out every day plus I love my Fitbit which I would not live without.  So bottom answer Fitbit and Shakecology have helped me the most.

What was the hardest obstacle in your weight loss journey?   Missing all the great foods and staying on track.  I miss things like pasta and white rice the most.

Any advise you would like to offer to people that are starting this journey?   Never GIVE UP.  I knew I needed to keep going, and I knew that if this was happening to me, it had to be happening to many others. So I started a Facebook page to tell my story.  There have been ups and downs, but I'm committed.

Do you have a FB fan page and/or Blog?
Beth's way to Fitness 


Editor's Note:  I don't know Beth personally, but I'm a fan of her FB's page.  Her transformation inspires many, me included.  She has more than shown commitment, consistency, strength, patience and focus.  Congratulations to you Beth.  Keep strong and continue the journey.  I know that you will go and conquer.  My very best withes and many years of health.


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