Maintained My Weight Loss - A Year Anniversary

Instead of writing about my whole year, I decided to let pictures tell my story. I feel proud to have gotten to this point.  It is a big milestone for me, and I will continue with my journey.

I love my new lifestyle. I love feeling healthy.  I still have bad days from time to time, but don't we all??  The difference is that I don't let them dictate my tomorrows.  Healthy living has NO end.


  1. Whoop! Whoop! Congrats!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kate. Your words means so much to me. Thank you for stopping by and for your best wishes. xoxo

  2. Wow Great Patti. Keeping yourself fit will also help you to uplift your mood and will make you feel happy and fresh throughout the day. I also joined Fitmotion- best fitness classes for weight loss and I did miracles for me. Once outfit will look greater you will not be connected to issues like heart problems, obesity, tiredness etc.

  3. Proper exercise and daily diet plays an important role in our weight loss program because diet provide all the necessary nutrition and minerals for our day to day work out and help to achieve our goal. Exercise burns our excess fat and help to reduce our weight and maintain our physique. Exercise also increases our work stamina so that we can perform more and achieve our goal.