We Spin With Our Hoo-Rags

Spin Class
As most of you know I love to workout. So you can imagine how much I sweat during workouts.

Every time I take a Spin class I burn from 400-550 calories.  I always have sweat running down my face. So I decided to try a Hoo-rag to keep my hair off my face and absorb some of the sweat.
You might be wondering what's a Hoo-rag?  It's a  bandana that can be worn in several ways beside a traditional bandana.  People wear it as a beanie rag, neck gaiter, pirate rag, face mask, head band, balaclava and you can use it to keep a pony tail in place.

It comes in several colors and designs and the price is affordable.  You can even custom order them with your brand and/or company logo.

I was pleased with the Hoo-rag.  It accomplished what I wanted it to do - it kept the hair off my face and kept the sweat from running down my face and into my eyes while looking fashionable with it on.

Many of the girls that I Spin with liked it so much that they ordered Hoo-rags for themselves and we kind of started a trend in the class.  We all Spin with our Hoo-rags on looking pretty cool.

The rags are light weight, moisture wicking and are seamless cotton-polyester blended which makes it breathable.

We don't Spin without our Hoo-rags:

The many way you can wear the Hoo-rag.

Disclosure: I received free products, however all opinions are always my own.


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    1. Thank you so much Lynette for the nomination. I will do my post ASAP, Thanks again and good luck. :)

  2. The trendy spin craze wheels into San Diego with SparkCycle's pulsating music and dance-party vibe rhythmandpower.com.

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