My BIG Milestones

One year later after I hit my goal weight wearing the same dress
I wanted to share with ALL of you my BIG milestones on this special day.

On July 2011, I made the determination of making a U turn towards health. It wasn't easy -- I had to break bad habits and create new ones. I had to learn to be patient because this doesn't happen overnight. I had to learn to get up when I fell down, and believe me it happened more times that I care to remember. I did it one day at a time.  Step by step we travel far.
On July 2012 (exactly one year later) I had lost 100 pounds. I wasn't done --I wanted to lose 13 more pounds (it was just a personal choice). It took me two additional months to lose those 13 pounds. It was the day before my birthday. (9-13-12)

I was on top of the world. I had made it to the finish line for the first time (I've done many Yo-Yo diets) - I have reached where I wanted to be--for my birthday no less.

I went to The GAP and got me the above dress on the picture - I loved it, and even more exciting to me -- it was on the clearance rack and a size SMALL. I wore it with so much pride.

So now what?????

The journey didn't end there -- now I had to learn to maintained the ground that I had gained. I knew I was NOT going back where I started from. So it took me awhile but with support, love and help of many people I learned.  Here It Is!!!!! One year later (9/13/13) my birthday!!!! and I wore the same infamous dress (just looking a little older) It can be done!!! I have done It!!!

These were big milestones for me, but make NO mistake it has been a struggle at times, but it gets easier because it is a lifestyle. It is the life I have chosen to live for all my days to come.  Feeling strong and healthy makes me happy.  DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! --the journey must continue.........

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

I want to thank you all for following my journey. You all inspire me, and have helped get through some rough roads. Much love and health to ALL

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