Re-Visiting My Goals for 2014

Square in the middle.  How did that happen??
I really don't make resolutions for the New Year.  I set different goals, and once in awhile I have to re-visit my goals.  Life has many turns and curves that we do not take into consideration when we are planning our method of actions to achieve our goals. Sometimes we need to re adjust to get to where we're going.

I have more or less maintained my 100+ weight loss for a year now, which is a big milestone for me. I still struggle from time to time, but overall I keep myself in the vicinity. 
Since I reached the weight that I wanted to be, my goals have been to have leaner muscles and become stronger, but I have not been consistent and I have not buckled down.

I'm not going to lie and say I have been doing everything right because I have not, and it shows.  So what better time to start than now for the beginning of 2014.

I had a discussion about nutrition and workouts with Ketsy, my trainer.  I was honest on what I what I have been doing, and what I have NOT been doing.  I don't even try to lie to her because this woman knows when she is being told a lie - besides if I were to lie, I would only be fooling myself.

Ketsy took my measurements and it seems that somehow I am SQUARE in the middle. How did that happen??? I guess that is how I'm built, but it doesn't mean that it cannot change with some work.

So this is what I will be focusing on.  She tweaked my nutrition by mostly adding more greens and proteins and cutting sugar (anything white) and eating less fruits.  Now, let me clarify this--- I am NOT saying fruits are not good for you, but for what I want to do, and because I am prone to diabetes, this is the best method for ME.

I have my work cut out for me, but it can be done.  I will try be determined, consistent, patient and focus.

I was reviewing my other goals that I had for 2013, and unfortunately I was not able to accomplish some of them, but to my credit I accomplished some goals that were not even on my list. I was able to be Certified as a Spinning Instructor, and as a Zumba Instructor.  I got qualified on CPR/AED.  I am proud of these accomplishments even if I don't get to teach on a regular basis.  The way I see it--I went from column A to column B - a big leap from a girl that used to be 238 pounds.

Regarding my other goals that were not accomplished, I will just forward them to this year and work on them.  My goals do not have an expiration date.

Here they are:
  • Continue with my health journey (sensible eating and exercise) - less over indulgence.
  • Try to run a 5K or higher for each month of 2013.2014 to train towards my 1/2 marathon
  •  Become stronger (work on having leaner muscles).
  • Run my first half marathon in October.
  • Become a Notary Public-For no particular reason.  I always wanted to be one.
  • Advanced personal and physical training.
  • Help people become healthier by sharing both of my journeys and experience.
  • Continue my advocacy on cervical cancer
  • Enjoy my hubby and life overall.  I get wrapped up on my every day life that I forget to be grateful sometimes for what I have in front of me.
  • Be more consistent writing on my blogs.
  • Try not to skip my Yoga classes - They keep me centered (mentally and physically)

I won't be hard on myself if I can't accomplish all of the above goals, there is always more time ahead.

I want to take a moment and wish you ALL blessings and much Health for the New Year.  Lets make 2014 be our year to conquer all of our dreams and goals. 

Happy New Year!!!!!

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