A Typical Day for Me - Food & Exercise

Some of you have asked what is a typical day for me regarding food and exercise. So I decided to run a typical day for you and show you with pictures.  Don't expect excitement or divulge a big secret because there is none - LOL

I'm not a morning person so I don't wake up too early unless I have a race or an appointment.  I get up about 8:00am and my long day begins.

8:00 AM - Breakfast
 Oat meal (Quakers) not those flavor packets. I use 8oz of fat free milk, and I usually put it in the microwave for 2 minutes -  put some cinnamon or a small amount of granola on top and  it is ready to go.  You can add half of banana or blue berries if you wish.  I don't use fruit too often-- I curtail fruits due to being prone to diabetes.
**Please know that fruits are good for you, I'm just a little different.  I do have a small fruit about once or twice a week.

10:30AM -  Snack

I will have a GC control shake and about 15 almonds. I use GC control because it is special for people like me because of my past history with diabetes.  It provides natural blood sugar support. It is low glycemic, high in protein and high in fiber. It promotes healthy blood glucose metabolism and supports normal insulin response. It is good for me and it tastes delicious. The Flavor is-- Caramel Cream Brulee.

12:30PM - Lunch

Veggie burger with my favorite salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, some broccoli, red peppers) with small amount of balsamic vinaigrette

3:00PM Snack
Red pepper with some Hummus

PS - I've posted a list of other snacks I eat  under the nutrition page.

Usually around 4:30 in the afternoon I start getting ready to head to the gym for a couple of classes. The following is my schedule for my classes.

Yes!!! I workout every day.  Don't worry, I've heard it before "you have to give your body at least one day of rest" - and I agree, you should.  As for me, I  have been keeping this kind of schedule for about two years now, and my body has become used to this amount of workout.  (Confession: I'm an extremist - LOL)

I have been known to take a day or two off  here and there when my body requested.  I listen to my body - perhaps a little closer than the regular person.   Why? because as a cancer survivor you learn to be in tune with your body. (sometimes a little bit too much, it is part of the collateral damage).

Between classes I have a Snack:
Sugar Free Power Pak Pudding (190 calories) You can find these in any health store.  Flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Eat especially after a work out.  (30grams of protein) (Gluten & Lactose FREE) Low Carb.

7:00PM - Dinner 
Mixed steamed vegetables, salmon and a cup of brown rice.

OK so after dinner is where I need a little work.  I go to bed very late - I have tried to go to bed early, and I just lay there and for some reason I can't find my sleep.  If you see my activity below - I should be tired from my workouts - yet I don't sleep well. 

I don't get to bed until approximately 1:30 - 2am, so needless to say I do get hungry about 10:00pm so I grab a small snack, but I have to watch because some nights have gotten out of control. - One snack becomes many snacks.

 So I confess -This is where my problem lies.  I do work hard on it, and I'm improving somewhat.  I have tried everything except for any kind of medication which I won't do.

I not perfect, far from it.  I have accepted that there is a problem, I'm cognizant of it, and I'm working on it. Step by Step we travel far.

Skinny Popcorn or Fit Popcorn

I do journal my intakes and all my calories in and outs on LOSE IT (an IPhone app) - It helps me keep accountable.  I do wear a Fitbit Flex and I also just got a Polar Loop.  They both let me know if I am meeting my daily physical activity goal which I do the majority of days.

This is how my daily activity looks like:

Looking at the above chart you can see the problem.  Not too much sleep.  Remember SLEEP is very important for the body, health, and weight loss.

I want to thank those that asked me to share one of my typical days- it has shed some light on my problem, and I'm determined to break down the wall.  It is hindering my progress, and I have goals to meet.

Here's another sample of my daily food intake. CLICK HERE


  1. My biggest struggle right now is sleep. My lack of sleep has lead to no workouts and horrendous meal choices. I'm lucky if I get four hours a night... Fridays have literally been turning into 24 hours days. I get up at 5 am and don't get to go to bed until 5 am tomorrow morning. :(

    1. Ashley I know exactly what you are going through, but I tell you I have been taking Yoga?Meditation and it has help me somewhat. I'm still going to bed late but I'm improving. I haven't stop working out because then I will really feel lost, but this situation is definitely hindering my progress. So it has to be address.

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  4. I also eat oatmeal in the morning, with skim milk, a little almonds or banana slices.
    Thanks for sharing this information.