Best Ways to Kick Start Your Day

 Please Welcome Guest Blogger Emma Banks
 Best Ways to Kick Start Your Day
Oftentimes, the morning can be the hardest part of our day. Waking up feeling sluggish and unable to concentrate can decrease productivity and can make even the simplest of daily tasks seem difficult. While mornings are difficult for many people, there are several things you can do to kick start your day and ensure you have plenty of energy, even in the morning!
Organization is key
This first tip may seem obvious, but one thing that will help you get going in the morning is to wake up early. While most people would prefer to lie in bed a little longer and get a bit more sleep, even if they would benefit greatly if they woke up earlier. When you wake up early, you have time to get ready for work without feeling rushed. Being rushed in the morning is a good way to elevate your stress level on top of an already busy schedule. Why hurry to be in a rush? Settle down and enjoy life. One of the ways I do this is by getting ready the night before. Whether it’s setting up for breakfast, laying out clothes or getting my workout bag ready, I set everything up to ensure my morning goes smoothly. My husband is notorious for losing his keys, so last year I got him a catchall to keep him from having chaotic mornings. Staying organized is always a great way to jumpstart your day so you’re ready for anything!

Start with a healthy meal
Another tip to get your day going is to eat a healthy meal. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and eating a healthy breakfast can leave you feeling energized, motivated and ready to work hard. When looking to put your breakfast together, you should focus on eating fruits, protein and whole grains. It’s always a great idea to have a balanced meal because it will help give you the energy and nutrients you need to have a successful day.
 Exercise is great!
My final bit of advice is to exercise on a regular basis. People should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes, five times per week. This might sound like a lot of work, especially for someone who has a full-time job, a spouse and children; but, if you think about it, it’s reasonable. For you to wake up an extra half hour earlier than you normally would and feel motivated, accomplished and happy…would you? Yes! A light jog in the morning is the perfect way to kick start your day. This amount of exercise can help you lose excess body fat and get your heart into healthy shape. While you may initially feel tired after a good workout, being in good condition will actually give you more energy, which will get you through the day!

Emma Banks is a wife and mother of two. On top of trying to be the best mother possible to her young children, Emma is consistently seeking out new strategies for living a fulfilling life of her own. A Di Yer and former exercise fanatic, who's trying to get back on track, she keeps a blog to share her thoughts as she attempts to fit it all in.

Editor's Note:  I want to thank Emma for sharing her wonderful tips with us.  I know that trying to balance life is hard especially when there is so many things on our plates.
Remember not to become overwhelmed to the point that you forget yourself.  Small changes yield big differences, and step by step we travel far.
Kudos to you Emma for trying to be the best you can be in the whole sense of the word.
You can visit Emma's Blog at Smile As It Happens...

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