M M Manhattan Hot Chocolate - My Ninth 5K Race

M-M-Mahattan Hot Chocolate 5K
This post is a little late, but I sometimes get so overwhelmed with everything on my plate.  One of these day I will be more structured.  Yeah! Right. :)

On February 1, 2014 I did my ninth official 5K-- "M-M-Manhattan Hot Chocolate 5K" at Riverside Park in NY.  I have done this exact race last year earning me the award of first place for females in my age group.

This years winter has been quite brutal so it has been hard for me to run - I'm not using the weather as an excuse because my ultimate goal is to always finish my races no matter what.

My time for this years race was not as good as last year (31:40).  My official time this year was 35:16 (as per the recorded chip) which is not too bad, but I think I can do a little better.

The temperature was about 36 degrees and clear, but there was some snow on the ground.

Wearing my new Cervivor  t-shirt I crossed the finish line very proudly.  Like I said before it is nice to know
that I can improve my time through time, but it is not my main concern.  I run to finish, and I do it for me, and for those who can't.

On April 6th, 2014, I will be running my 10th official 5K.  I'm excited about this one because I will be doing it at the JFK Airport runway.  Running while the planes are flying over us.  How cool is that?????

I can't wait plus it is a flat surface all the way.  We have to go through a lot of security check, including the spectators, but it is OK in the name of safety and security.

I'm READY!!!!!!

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