One Of My Favorite Workout

The above is one of my favorite workouts. Working out the entire body -
Repeat #1 - #6 four times and then repeat #7 - #12 four times.
It is about a 45 minutes workout burning from 300 - 400 calories. 

Here are some of the benefits from some of the above exercises. 
Dumbbell Swing - The exercise targets your hamstrings and gluts, but you also use your back, quadriceps and shoulders.

Russian Twist -  While this ab exercise mainly targets your obliques, your back muscles will be engaged to strengthen and support your spine.

Dive Bombers -  The dive bomber push up was first developed by the Navy Seals as a part of its training exercises. This exercise targets the core muscles in your body, as well as your chest, arms, and back are strengthened.

Lunge w/bicep curls - Unlike leg presses or leg extensions performed on a weight-training machine, dumbbell lunges require an added element of balance and coordination.

Ranegade Row with Pushup - The pushup and row works your back muscles just as hard as your chest, making it the perfect two-for-one move when you're short on time.

Wide & Narrow Squats - Wide squats are  for inner thighs. Narrow squats work the quad.  We jump from narrow-to-wide.

Weighted Roll Up  - Roll up is a great challenge for the abdominal muscles.  Much greater challenge when you add a weight.

Windmill -  The windmill exercise can solidify your core, and you can do it with or without hand weights. However, it is more effective with weights.

Editor's Note:  I want to thank Isabel Allen (A Certified Personal Trainer) for modeling each of the exercises above (except  #3 - that's Me- LOL).  A special thanks to Ketsy Santiago (My Personal Trainer) for creating the workout. You are both AWESOME!!!! Love you both. xoxo


  1. Full body workouts (especially on weekends) is my favorite and I love this workout.

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