RMHA Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies - My Eleventh 5K

At Van Cortland Park
On April 27th, 2014, I ran my official eleventh 5K.  It was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood and  great weather for a run.

The Riverdale Mental Health Association 5K was originally scheduled for March 9, 2014, but due to the horrible winter we had this year, the race was cancelled and rescheduled.

We were a little disappointed because last year's race included the the trails at Van Cortland Park, but they changed the route this year.  The trails are awesome and we were looking forward to running them -- but anyway we ran the flats.

I was exited to run this race because I was running it with my
Rena and I after the race
training partner, Rena.  This was going to be her first 5K ever.  I remember the emotions and feeling somewhat anxious on my first 5K -- but I knew Rena was going to do awesome.  And that she did.  I was more than proud.  Go Rena!!!! The first of many, I am sure.

My official time was 33:21 placing me #77 out of 170 participants.  Not my best time nor my worst, but these days I'm running to finish.  It is the best way to run - no pressure, no worries, no disappointments just finish the race.  I have learned that my body is my tool and I have to preserve it as much as I can.  It doesn't mean that I don't challenge myself, I thrive in doing just that -- it means that I know some limitations.  

Editor's Note:  I want to officially congratulate my friend Rena for doing awesome on her first 5K race, and I hope we will continue to run many races together.
As you know I dedicate all of my runs and this one was no different.  This run was dedicated to Lynn Crimando.  Lynn is my wonderful Yoga/Meditation Instructor.  She has taught me so many things and has helped me heal my broken body, but most important she has taught me how to center my body and mind at a time when my world gets a little chaotic.  Thank you Lynn!!!

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