Weight Loss Anniversary - 5 Years

On 9/12/12, I was on top of the world for having reached my goal. 
I was healthy!!! 
I was 100+ pounds lighter, I had reversed all my illnesses (diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and high blood pressure), I was no longer taking any more medications, and I've done it all one day before my birthday.

I remember so vividly that the day before my birthday I went to the GAP --a store I've not visited in many years. I used to be a size 22 and wore XXL. 

I couldn't believe I was looking for a dress at the GAP--but I got myself the dress you see in the picture and I wore it with pride.

That day I made myself a promise -- The promise was: "I will wear this dress every year for my birthday for all my years to come" - this will be a reminder of my struggles and accomplishments.

Today marks 5 years of having lost my original weight. It is a big milestone for me. I've come a long way, and I have accomplished things that I never in a million years thought I would.

It has NOT been an easy task, I have had my ups and downs especially after I lost my mom 4 years ago.  It threw me into a spin which led me back to my old habits, and I gained about 40 pounds back even though I worked out everyday.  I think I proved this famous quote to be true:  

"You Can't Exercise Your Way Out Of A Bad Diet."
I believe God sends you people to help you with any journey you happen to be on. You just have to look. With this help together with my determination of not going back to where I once was --I was able to lose 25 pounds of the 40 pounds I have gained.  The struggle continues because I am still fighting my last 15 pounds. 
So I am declaring here and now --By the end of 2017 I will be where I want to be - I will be 15 pounds lighter. 

Just FYI - the second time around is somehow harder than the first.  Thoughts went through my head like why can't I lose 20 pounds when I lost more than 100 pounds????  Is it lack of determination?? lack of discipline???? You can go a little crazy trying to make sense of it.  So I decided to let go of all those thoughts, all negative vibes, stop being hard on myself and decided to show up everyday with honesty and integrity.  I will fall, we all do, but I will NOT quit.

Nevertheless, today I am GRATEFUL for many things especially where I am now in my personal development.  I am healthy.  I am strong.  I am wiser. I am gentler on myself.  I am compassionate. I am listening. I am learning. I am teaching.

The journey continues........And so it is

PS -I can't find the picture for 2015 with my infamous dress on, but I promise you I wore it that year too.

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