My Health is a Priority

I wrote an article for the Cervivor blog for National Women's Health Week (May 14 - 19,  2018) on why is health a priority for me.  Please go check it out HERE

Meet Cynthia T.

Name:  Cynthia Travieso
Age:  35
Height:  5'6
Before Weight: 320
Current Weight: 185

How did you gain your weight?  I've been overweight most of my life. 

My First Experience Running A Marathon

Lizette Romero
Before I started running I often asked myself "what do people think about while they are running 26.2 miles?" I had run sixteen 5K's before my knee gave out, and I was able to focus for those 3.1 miles, but I don't know if I could keep that same composure for 26.1 miles. I tip my hat to those that can.
I had the privilege to interview Lizette Romero a first time marathoner. I really wanted to hear about the path that led her to such a journey. 

First l want to congratulate you, Lizette, for this amazing accomplishment of running your first TCS NYC Marathon on November 5, 2017. By no means is this an easy task to accomplish.  I know it takes perseverance, patience, determination, consistency, endurance, focus and mental strength. I am eager to know how you did it.

So please Lizette take us through your journey...