25 Random Facts About Me!!!

1.  I was a Certified Medical Assistant for 10 years. I worked for one of the best ear, nose and throat doctors and got to meet Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Jack Klugman, Barry Manilow, Gloria Gaynor, and a few others soap opera actor/actress.

2.  I was a NYC Police Officer for 20 years.

3.  I hated to run, but I love it now.

4.  I rarely drink, but when I do, one drink makes me very giddy.

5.  I don't cook.  My husband is the chef in the family.

6.  I crochet and knit for relaxation.

7.  I have one younger brother, and 5 older half brothers and sisters (from my father's side).

8.  Spanish is my first language even though I was born in NYC.

9.  I was sent to Nicaragua (my parent's country) at 3 months old and came back to NYC at the age of eight.

10.  I wish I could have better sleeping habits.  I stay up late and regret it every morning, especially when I have to workout at 6am.

11.  My second toe is longer than my big toe.  People say that you are descended from Royalty if your second toe is longer. (Ha Ha).  Others say that the person would be the boss of the family.( I don't know about that - you would have to ask my husband).

12.  I have been married for 21 years with NO children.  We did want them, but we encountered fertility problems and had 4 artificial insemination and 2 IVF to no avail.  Then I got sick (cancer).  We are OK--We have each other, and I have nieces and nephews.

13.  I went to all girls catholic school for 12 years.

14.  I went to boarding school for 3 years. (6,7,and 8th grade)

15.  My husband reads and edits all my posts.  I have a problem sometimes with writing and making sense.šŸ˜©

16.  My husband and I were born in the same hospital  (St. Vincent's Hospital  the third oldest hospital in NYC which closed in 2010).

17.  My grandmother died at the age of 102 years old of natural causes.  She did not have any disease at all and she was of sharp mind to the end.

18.  I never smoked in my life, not even had the urge to try it.

19.  I always wanted to learn French and Sign Language.  I took French only in my freshman year and gone to Paris once.

20.  People don;t believe that I'm shy.  I work hard on putting myself out there.  It doesn't come naturally.

21.  I'm a better listener than a talker.

22.  Every time I cut my hair, I regret it.  I wish I would just left it alone and grow it long.

23.  I went to City College of New York (undergraduate and graduate) and majored in Psychology.  I love the human mind.  It has always intrigued me. 

24.  I like the city and my husband likes country life.

25.  I never thought that I would fall in love with the Fitness world.  So many goals to reach.

That was harder than I thought, but I'm finished. šŸ˜›

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