2012 Races 

 First 5K

Run Like A Diva - Girls 5K - 10/7/12  PR-> 30:42

I was anxious, nervous yet excited to run my first ever 5K.  An indescribable feeling when I got to the finish line. I have DONE it!! An accomplishment that seem so far to obtain at one point of my life.
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Second 5k

Freeze Out Cancer 5k -12/15/12  PR-> 28:10

 For being mid-December the weather was great and felt good I couldn't believe my time- Yaaahh!!!!

2013 Races

Third 5K
New Year's Dash 5K--  1/1/13-->PR-30:45

I wanted to start the New Year 2013 the right way.  A little cold for a newbie runner, but did the best I could.
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Fourth 5k

Riverside Park Hot Chocolate 5k--2/2/13-->PR-:31:40

This day was probably the coldest day of the whole winter. It was 11 degrees and with the wind chill factor it was below 0.  OMG! My lungs were not too happy and it showed in my time.  It was a great experience and my time placed me #1 female in my age group.
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Fifth 5K
RMHA "Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" 5K--3/10/13 PR- 28:52

A beautiful day for a run.  It felt great running the hills and the trails at Van Cortland Park.
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Sixth 5K
NYCRUNS Riverside Park 5K--3/16/13  PR- 30:46

A somewhat bittersweet race.  I was running with a heavy heart for two reasons.  It was my last race for awhile until I heal my hamstring injury, and I was mourning the loss of my friend and warrior, Ronni, who unexpectedly passed away on 3/3/13.

Seventh 5K

NYCRUNS Riverside Park Summer 5K Series - 8/21/13  PR- 35:11

After almost 4 long months of taking care of my hamstring injury and not running, I'm finally back!!!!
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Eighth 5K

Second Annual Freeze Out Cancer - 12/15/13  PR- 32:04

Weather did not cooperate - it had snowed about 5 inches the day before.  The path had slushy and icy spots and the temperature was in the low 30's.  Nevertheless, I ran cautiously and steady and was able to finish strong.
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2014 Races

Ninth 5K
M-M-Manhattan Hot Chocolate 5K - 2/1/14  PR- 35:16
Weather was 36 degree and clear, but some snow on the ground.  Proud to have finished wearing my new Cervivor t-shirt.
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Tenth 5K

JFK Runway Run - 4/6/14 PR: 32:35
While it was a little chilly that morning, the sky was gorgeous, and it looked like the day ahead was going to be beautiful.  The experience of running on a  runway is awesome.
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Eleventh 5K

Riverdale Mental Health Association 5K- 4/27/14 PR: 33:21
It was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood and  great weather for a run. Excited to be running with my training partner Rena.
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Twelveth 5K

NYPD Memorial Run - My 12th 5K Race- 5/18/14 PR:32:59

It was a beautiful day for the run and there were over 1,400 participants--every single one of them running in the memory of a hero.

Thirteenth 5K

NYC Police Chase 5K - 6/19/13 PR: 32:43
It was a beautiful day, excellent weather for a run.  I was running with my wonderful nephew Anthony which makes it exciting for me.

2013 Virtual Races
***What is a Virtual Race??  A virtual race is a race that can be ran at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace wherever you like.

JANUARY - The Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual 5K (1/31/13) 

With a heavy heart I ran for those little angels and the courageous women who lost their lives in a senseless tragedy.

FEBRUARY - I Heart Running 5K (2/14/13)

This run I dedicated to the love of my life and my rock - my hubby Freddie.

  I Run with Heart 5K --(2/17/13)
I ran the hills in PA - It was cold but I really enjoyed it - dedicated to my brother Rudy.

2014 Virtual Races

Fit, Fab & Lean - 5K -- 2/13/14
My first virtual run for 2014 using my new Nike+ SportsWatch. - dedicated to all my LOVES.


Click below to read the dedications for each Race.

"Whether or not you reach your goals in life depends entirely on how well you prepare for them and how badly you want them. We are eagles! Lets Stretch our wings". ~ Ronald Mcnair


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