Q.  How did you lose over 100 pounds?
A.  OMG! It was hard work. A complete lifestyle change. Many people think I had some kind of surgery, but I can honestly say I DID NOT. It took me approximately 14 months to lose 113 pounds and 55 inches. I was determined to get healthy and I focused on that.  I used the Jenny Craig® Program to learned sensible eating and portion control and I exercise.

Q.  I want to lose weight.  Can you give me a few pointers?
A. I can only give you pointers based on my own experience.  You have to know that dropping weight requires commitment.  Losing weight and keeping it off--requires some serious lifestyle changes. Having said that, click HERE to figure your HEALTHY calorie intake, do 30+ minutes of cardio daily, and weights/body resistance 2-3 times a week.

*Remember to always check with your doctor before you start any diet and/or exercise plan.

Q.  Is there any fitness/health advice you would like to offer based on your own experiences or on those around you?
A.  We all want to see and get results right away- you have to realize and accept the fact that getting healthy and fit is a process.  It will NEVER happen overnight. You are creating new habits and it takes awhile. You have to be determined and be consistent.  You don’t have to see the finish line to know that you will get there.  Step by step we'll travel far.
The most important thing that everyone has to know is that when you get where you want to be, it is not the end.  There is no end to healthy living.  This is a lifestyle for all your days to come.  You cannot go back to old habits because you will end up where you started from.

Q.  What made you decide on "Jenny Craig®" from other programs?
A.   You have to find a program that fits your lifestyle and stick to it.  "Jenny" worked for me, it fitted my lifestyle. It helped me stayed on track because I was in need of structure.  This program taught me sensible eating and portion control which is very vital, in weight loss.  I never felt deprived.  Sometimes when you feel deprived you tend to lose your determination, motivation, and your patience.
 ** I'm not their JC's spokesperson nor they are paying me to promote them.

Q.  Did you go out to eat while on the program (diet)?
A.  Absolutely!!!! My husband loves to go out to eat. Every time I went out, I was always cognizant of my choices (healthy calories) and my portions. I tried to stay as close as possible to my daily 1500 calories. It is all about "Sensible Eating". I did not over indulge.

Q.  What's your exercise routine?
A.  I work out every day, sometime twice a day.  Many people call it obsessive-- I like to think of it as being dedicated to my health.  I run,  I Zumba®, I Spin®, I weight train.   I also do yoga, and meditation.  I train with my personal trainer once a week.

Q.  You talk about Ketsy Santiago (KillerKetsy) a lot, who is she?
A.  She is someone very special to me and my personal trainer.  I sometimes refer to her as #KillerKetsy - which is my personal nick name for her.  She "KILLS" me every time we work out--  but she's amazing!!! She is petite power house. Beautiful (inside and out).  A lady of  few words, but a lot of love for the people that want and are willing to do the work. She does not accept nothing less than your maximum effort. She is my teacher, my mentor.  I love her for sharing her knowledge and teaching me to be strong and stand proud.

Q.  How did you stay motivated?
 A. I would be lying if I were to say it's easy.  I had very bad days during my journey, but I kept close to my positive vibes and the energy that people that cared gave me. I read success stories and weight loss blogs.  I ignored the "unnecessary noise" from the negative people.  Motivation is like when you put gas in a car,  every once in awhile you'll  have to gas up again to continue the road. Positive vibes and positive thinking did that for me. They were my energy to continue forward.  After awhile you will become your own motivation as you start seeing results.  Stay determined, Be patience, Be consistent and Focus. 

Q.  What have you learned?
A.  I've learned so much and still learning.  I have accepted my new lifestyle and love it.  I'm learning maintenance and balance -- how to balance my workouts and my food intake to maintain my current healthy weight.  I definitely know that I cannot go back to my OLD habits, but I'm OK with that.  I have transitioned after being on this path for almost two years. I still have bad days, but they are fewer rather than more.   I'm cognizant of all the triggers that made me go look for food before, and that's very important to know for a food addict like me.  I look at food differently. I eat for sustenance and I drink to hydrate my body.

Q.  What's ahead for you?
A.  OMG!!! I feel unstoppable. I'm healthy, stronger and happier that I've ever been.  I will continue my workouts, not only because it's necessary to exercise, but  because I have falling in love with it (I can't believe I'm saying that). Living healthy does not have an end. There is so much I want to do---- I have already ran thirteen 5K's and my ultimate goal is to run a half  marathon. I want to continue to learn fitness and nutrition as much as I can.  I want to help and inspire people that are struggling with their weight and health.  They have to know that they are not alone and that it can be done.  I'm living proof.

Q.  Can you add me to your motivational blogs?
A.  Sure -- as long as your blog resonates with me.  Just send me an email.

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