"I look forward to your exercise class every day.  I enjoy the activities that provide me with much needed energy and strength.  I thank you for your continued support from which I benefit."
- Diana Montoya

  "I love your workouts because they are different each time.  What you do makes it more interesting. I also look forward to listening to you everyday besides the exercise.  I am so lucky to have you." 
- Thelma Solis


"Patti, you are the reason why I make sure I keep myself hydrated during the summer and the dead of winter.  Staying hydrated prevents me from muscle cramping as well as preventing other problems.  You have taught me a whole slew of other things.  Thank you for all of your teachings."
-Myra Segui 

 "Patti inspires me. Sometimes I wake up with a pain in my shoulder or arm, and after exercising with her the pain is gone. I love to hear her talk. She is highly intelligent and her advice to us is so wise. 
I look forward to seeing Patti on Facebook especially now since I am home all the time because of the corona virus."
-Bernice Levine

  "I have been in business and politics most of my life, and have dealt and come in contact with a myriad of people of different races, ethnic groups, political ideologies and religious belief. However, none of them like Patti. She’s like a rare specie, consistent in her behavior, supportive with those around her and helpful when she’s needed. Patti cares not only about the physical well-being of her trainees, but also about their mental, spiritual and psychological health. She’s not just a trainer! 
She takes the time to make sure you don’t get hurt while exercising, and challenges your mind though cognitive exercises. Thank you, Patti for coming into our lives and for being you. We wish we could clone you."
 -Giovanni Puello

 "Patti is my exercise instructor who has helped me and others people I know.  She is a well-rounded person, with lots of character, leadership, and compassion for the senior ladies at Fort Independence. I am grateful for her training, encouragement, and support."
-Joan DeJesus

 "It takes a specific set of attributes to be a good trainer - a passion for helping others achieve personal goals, a passion for learning, and a positive role model for others.  Patti has all of these and more.  I'm blessed she's a part of my life journey." 
- Nancy Niles
Group Fitness Instructor

"I participate in Patti's exercise classes which keeps me active, and I am so grateful for that.  Patti needs to be applauded - she is a truly professional, and is available to all her students."
-Nilda Sierra

  There is so much to say about Patti, that I decided to write her an acrostic poem:
P - passionate, partial, patience
A- adviser, attentive, amiable  
T- talkative, team-mate, tender-hearted
I- involve, inviting, ideally 
-Eva Gali

 "Four and a half years ago I walked into Fort Independence Community Center to have my taxes done.  While waiting I signed up for an exercise class that was then, in progress. Little did I know the class was more than just exercise.   It has been a learning experience of mind, body and soul.  Patti is passionate about her work, and encourages us to be the best we can be.  We laugh, we cry, and we party on.  Thank you Patti."
- Lourdes Tirado

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