Support, Knowledge, and a Plan are important keys in any journey.

These are the tools I used to helped me through my first journey of weight loss.

Tool #1
The Food Plan - I needed some structure when it came to my eating. I was really out of control.  After a long research on diet programs,  I chose the Jenny Craig* program to help me understand my food intake. This program taught me how to sensible eat by using portion control, which is vital to weight loss. I never felt deprived which helped me stick to the program as close as possible.  I was religious to my daily 1,500 calories. I ate and still eat 6 small meals a day.  This program became my tool to learn about my nutrition.
*Disclaimer - Jenny Craig is not compensating me in any way nor they have asked me to promote them.  I'm just a satisfied customer, and all opinions are my own.

Tool #2
 Ronni, my Jenny Craig counselor.  I called her my "food police."  She  taught  me and guided me on how to eat right and how to follow the program. She was vigilant of my choices.  She made sure that I knew that there are better ways to still enjoy my favorite foods, my secret indulgences and still be within the boundaries of healthy eating. She became and is my inner voice.
*Ronni Waldman is a counselor at the JC Center in Hartsdale, NY 10530
Ronni Dale Waldman 1968-2013  (RIP my friend)

Tool #3
Ketsy, my personal trainer.  I call her "KillerKetsy." which I don't think she appreciates it.šŸ˜  Don't let her petite size and angelic face fool you.  She gives tough love, she is of a few words, shows no mercy, but she is constantly reminding you that "you can do it."
Her passion and positive energy are amazing. It is no wonder that she funnels some of that passion and energy to me.
 *Ketsy Santiago is a Certified Fitness Trainer Specialist in Performance Nutrition

Tool #4
Support Group: - The Whitehall Club* Weight Loss Challenge Group - I can honestly say that the support from "my girls" was amazing.  We all were working toward the same mission and goals. We shared tears and pain, and created a bond between all of us. We cheered each others big and small milestones. I love these girls. They helped me move what I considered big mountains.
*The Whitehall Health Club is located in Riverdale, NY 10463

Note:  Support is very important. There were times that I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. Sometimes I was discouraged--feeling that I was working hard and saw no results, but you have to stay in the game.  You feed yourself energy from your support group and from the positive vibes that people that care provide you.

Tool #5
The Journal I used to journal all my food intake and all my workouts.  It really kept me accountable.  You can use a journal to write about your day, your activities, your feelings, etc.  You can also use one of the many FREE phone applications like My Fitness Pal, Lose It, Counting My Calories.  It is all about accountability. Do not lie to yourself.  Be truthful, Be Honest.

Don't be hard on yourself if you don't meet your daily goals.  We learn when we "fall down."  We just have to get up again and continue the path the very next day.  Don't throw it all away just because you had a bad day.
Tool #6
PLANNING  - I found Planning to be a big key. It became crucial for me. I planned my daily food menu and my workouts on a daily basis. Prepared what I was going to be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and figured out my snacks in between.  I took my snacks with me if I were on the go.  You always have to be prepared.   Do NOT  let yourself get hungry.  When we get real hungry we tend to OVER eat.

Tool #7
The Scale  - Last, but not least, I had to become friendly with "THE SCALE".  Yes!!! I hated the scale sometimes, but it kept me accountable. If you put in the work and are consistent, I promise-- you will see results soon enough. 

Your body weight fluctuates from one day to the other.  I weighed  myself once a week.  I did it on the same day of the week, same time, and more or less wearing the same clothing (if you wear any at all).

These were the tools I used, but there are many others that you can use.

You need to figure out what works for you.  Remember, at the end of the day--- YOU are your own driver.  You are the one that make the choices. That is what makes your powerful than you think.

Dropping weight requires commitment.  Losing weight and keeping it off--requires some serious lifestyle changes. 

Here are some others weight loss tools that you might want to use.

BMR Calculator
  calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate.
BMI Calculator   Body Mass Index is a single number that evaluates someone's weight status based on their relation to their height.
Weight Loss Predictor  Shows you about how long it’ll take to reach your weight goal.
Exercise Finder
  Helps you find exercises for specific body parts.

Check out the pages of the teachers that have guided me on my second journey of weight loss  -
Read "My Big Confession."  first to know what lead me to this second journey.

One Activation Away-  Natalia Maldonado-Feinberg - Activate Spiritual Weight Loss with a gentle and loving approach for long lasting results.

The Evolution-   Patricia Moreno - A one-day-at-a-time approach to creating the lifestyle habits of inner strength, radiant health and embodied positivity.

Get Your Tools!!!!  Arm Yourself for the Battle!!!

"Always do what you are afraid to do" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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